A Lucky Petoskey Stone Pendant

Some consider the Petoskey Stone a Lucky Stone. I wear mine often -- a little good luck is always welcome!

Luck.  The elusive good fortune we all count on to make our efforts in life worthwhile.  There are many who say that luck can be generated by certain minerals and stones from the earth.  Is it true?  Maybe, maybe not, but it never hurts to try to generate a bit of the magical “Luck”, does it? I started thinking about stones and luck because of my overwhelming love of the Petoskey Stone.  It is considered a lucky stone by many Northern Michiganians who carry one around in their pockets just in case a bit of good luck is called for.  I have a friend who actually gave his a rub at a ball game last week, just in time to “help” the batter get the walk-off home run!  So yeah, maybe my Petoskey will come through for me next!


There are many kinds of luck, and just as many stones that can help with each.  For example,

Agate in Sterling

The Agate -- offering lucky protection -- is a lovely way to incur good luck!

if you need lucky protection, carry or wear an Agate.  Agates are beautiful stones that come in myriad colors and patterns – one will surely please your fashion needs as well as bringing you protection!


Citrine Pendant

Citrine -- the perfect natural stone to help you create luck in your business activity!



Citrine is the stone to carry or wear for business luck.  Need to have a good month?  Maybe make that big sale?  Wear Citrine – not only will its soft golden glow make you feel and look great, but maybe it will help your business reach new heights!




But if you really want a lucky stone to make your dreams come

Amazonite and Pearl Necklace

Amazonite -- can it make YOUR dreams come true?

true, go with Amazonite!  The lovely aqua-blue color of the stone is like the calm waters of the sea.  Think of it as a wishing well – as long as you are wearing it, your dreams are alive with hope!




I don’t know if stones can really bring me luck, but I do know that stones can make me feel good.  One with myself and nature.  And I do think that what I wear and how I feel can make me more in tune with the world around me, creating my own good luck.  Just one more reason to wear All Natural Stone Jewelry!


About Terri Lennard

Hi, I'm Terri! I am the designer and craftsman for All Natural Stone Jewelry. My journey to this role got a big kick-start when we made northern Michigan our home a few years ago and I began to develop a passion for natural stone. And suddenly it became obvious that in addition to my roles as wife, mom, teacher and 4-H Volunteer, I was destined to find a creative role in jewelry design. So here I am, embarking on a new venture and loving it!

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