Amethyst Pendant

This Amethyst Pendant shows what a lovely color palette nature brings us!

Purple Amethyst. Citrine. Tiger’s Eye.  All these different colors, and where do they come from? Now that I am designing jewelry from natural stones, I often wish I had paid closer attention to those geology lessons in Junior High School!


The amazing array of colors in natural stone come from minerals – that’s not hard to figure out.  But how those minerals react so individually with the type of rock material  they mix with is what makes each variety of stone so unique.


Take, for example, iron.  Iron impurities is what gives Tiger’s Eye its deep, rich, golden brown

Tiger's Eye

The iron in this lovely stone is the same rich golden brown seen on the cliffs of Pictured Rocks!

hue.  When I visited Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s U.P. the iron deposits on the cliffs were that same rich color – stunning to behold.  That’s the color that iron gives when infused into metamorphic rocks. But that same iron, when infused in quartz (which is commonly found in sedimentary rock) can also give us the lovely purple shades of Amethyst.  And even this can vary greatly – Amethyst can be light or dark, opaque or translucent, all based on how the iron was infused into the quartz and what happens afterward.  And then there’s Citrine, with its pale yellow coloring, formed when iron impurities mix with quartz.  Why do some iron impurities mixed into quartz make yellow Citrine and others purple Amethyst?  Heat. Many of the commercial transparent citrines are actually heat-treated Amethysts, but it also occurs naturally, and I love these natural milky-white to pale golden Citrines!


Citrine Pendant

Iron infused into quartz can also create the lovely golden glow of Citrine!

Stay tuned – we’re going to explore this some more in future posts!  The more I research what gives these natural stones their unique qualities, the more enamored I become with them.  Wearing a pendant and understanding how the power of the universe gave it its special shape, color, weight, and feel makes me feel a part of the vastness of life.

About Terri Lennard

Hi, I'm Terri! I am the designer and craftsman for All Natural Stone Jewelry. My journey to this role got a big kick-start when we made northern Michigan our home a few years ago and I began to develop a passion for natural stone. And suddenly it became obvious that in addition to my roles as wife, mom, teacher and 4-H Volunteer, I was destined to find a creative role in jewelry design. So here I am, embarking on a new venture and loving it!

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